Professional Moving Tips to Make Your DITY Move Go More Smoothly

Military families know the drill. At any point in time, you may be asked to pack it all up and move on to your next posting. If you are planning on a DITY move, you know the move needs to flow as smoothly as possible. Making the transition from one place to the next can be difficult. But, as these movers Houston TX know, there are ways to avoid most problems.

Advanced Preparation

Part of making that move easier is as much advanced preparation as you can muster. You need enough time to craft a timetable for your move. If you have to get up earlier than normal or stay up later to find the time, then do it. Your efforts will pay off with an easier move.

Figuring Out Expenses

The military allots all military family funding to make that move. These funds are designed to cover specific expenses including trailer rentals, packing blankets, hand truck rentals, and the costs of gas and tolls. You may want to set aside additional funds for other expenses. This may include money for an assistant as well as some treats for your kids along the way.


Carrying Properly

Moving items by yourself means making sure that you know how to lift everything without injury. Professional movers know that if you’re not careful, you can easily get hurt. You need to be careful when transporting large pieces and heavy boxes, so you don’t wind up with a back problem. Practice your lifting technique before your moving day so you are confident you know what you’re doing.

Pack Properly

Packing properly is also important. You don’t want to have your delicate items damaged in transit. All belongings should be cushioned to avoid breaking. Larger items need to be cushioned so they don’t move while being transported. Smaller items need to be carefully packed as well as so they don’t get lost in the moving van. You’ll also want to avoid overloading any given box. An overloaded box is harder to carry and may break when moved.

Create a Master List

Creating a master home inventory list will help you make sure no items get lost. It will also help you decide where to place each item in your new location. Write down the name of the item along with a brief description. All items should go into this list including all your clothing as well as other things like silverware and rugs. Check out these great home inventory apps to keep things at your fingertips.


Move Valuables By Yourself

If possible, move your expensive items like jewelry by yourself rather than letting your spouse or children handle it. A jewelry box can easily fit in a car next to you so you can keep your eyes on it.

Identify the Contents of Each Box

You should put a moving label on each box that you pack. If possible, keep all specific items such as clothing in the same box. If you can, write the contents of the box on the side. If not, give each box a number. Then you can refer to the box by the number as you move.

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